Legal Tech Startup (BLOXIT)

Legal Tech Startup (BLOXIT)

A program for tech startups in the legal space

Technology has become an increasingly disruptive force with the power to transform products, services, business models and processes. In this new paradigm, many companies and law firms have yet to capture the value of technology-based innovation for the processing and delivery of legal services.

For this reason, LAWIT has launched a legal-tech incubator to turbo-charge the legal sector.

Entrepreneurs, lawyers, tech experts and industry leaders converge in BLOXIT.

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This cutting-edge, highly competitive competition is designed to identify and support those startups that have a positive impact on major challenges faced by lawyers in their operations and the delivery of legal services.

This project aims at increasing the visibility of the legal-tech startup industry in Latin America, creating synergies and connections to expand the internationalization of the selected solution.



Gain the attention of business leaders, legal innovators and influencers.


Showcase your legal-tech tools and solutions.


Finalists will be featured by media partners at international scale.


The Winner will be provided with a branding kit and a recognition to help promote your victory to prospects, clients and peers.

What is BLOXIT?

BLOXIT is Lawit’s legal-tech incubator for the Americas, supporting the creation of better legal tools, by transforming ideas into business opportunities and exploring the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship & law.

This is an initiative to drive innovation and encourage the invention and adoption of new technology amongst law firms, law departments and legal tech startups, to create a vibrant legal technology ecosystem.

At LAWIT, we are strongly committed with innovation in the legal sector and with creating disruptive solutions in order to lead the transformation.

Our vision sees law professionals, technologists and investors drawn together in an innovation-driven ecosystem to incubate new business models of delivering legal services in the future economy.